[=SEO] 6 Free & Easy Links To Get Your Business Moving Up Google

February 21, 2021
6 Free Links to get you started

Who doesn’t want to boost our website up Google a bit? We all need half a dozen links to get our website start ranking and moving up Google. And high quality links are hard to find, or you have to pay. With this in mind I’ve listed below half-a-dozen decent places that offer free listing links – you only need to register and fill in the details.

Get yourself on these as they have been around for a long time and sometimes we forget to do the essentials.

If you’re not on these you’re missing some foundations that can help your website. Set aside half an hour and try one! It’s boring I know but if you want to help your website then spend that bit of time to give things a boost.

1. Fyple

A local listings directory, like an online version of the old yellow pages.

Add your business ->

2. Call Up Contact

This is another listing directory focussed more on location and contact details.

Add your business ->

3. Hotfrog

A classical listing directory, it’s been on the web for many many years.

Add your business ->

4. Everline

Another listing directory.

Add your business ->

5. Yelp

Yelp is a local focussed listings directory. It’s been around for a long time.

Add your business ->

6. BrownBook

This is like an international version of the old yellow pages book.

Add your business ->

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