Of all the things I’m asked “where does the name Cybernautix come from?” is one of the hardest to answer, so here’s the story

June 16, 2017

“What company are you from?” – ‘Cybernautix’ I reply. Silence.

And then general confusion. “Can you repeat that please?” That’s the normal response I get when I mention the company name and they’ve never heard of us before.

Following the confusion comes dipping their foot in the water as no one wants to appear as they don’t know. So I always say it slowly and in a calm voice with no inflection. ‘Cybernautix’.  “Cyb …can you spell it?”. I am used to it so sometimes use it as a small talking point.

The best I heard was ‘Simon? Is that Simon Ortics?’

Cybernautix. It’s distinctive, techy, and perhaps a bit geeky.

Where the name comes from

We are a web design, online marketing, affiliate marketing, and future-looking company with high trust.

I wanted to be careful of going down the line of choosing a company name like ‘Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation’. That would have a short life and I wanted something that I could fit to a number of things. Looking down the road things might change or get added in to the business so it would become limiting and narrow any opportunities. It would lock me down to doing those things forever. So I decided to make a brand name.

I’m not creative so couldn’t use fruits or abstract names. It needed to be created from components.

ArgonautsCybernautix comes from two parts. Cyber as in technology, information, online. Nautix comes from Argonaut and Astronaut. People who are explorers, adventurers. ‘Argonaut’ comes from the Greek of a band of people and ‘Argo’ their ship.

I was going to call it ‘Cybernautics’. A bit obvious. So I introduced the X.

And that defined where I wanted to go, to explore technology and make an adventure through it.

And so ‘Cybernautix’ was brought into existence.




Image of the Argonauts


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