Here’s 3 Things to Turbocharge Your BNI Experience

September 17, 2019
Full power

I wish I’d done these 3 things earlier in my BNI networking because I can see now they would have made a big difference to what I got out of it.

Mostly what happens to you in BNI is the reflection of what you bring. This can be sometimes portrayed as the ‘Giver’s Gain’ so that you have to put in to get out. However you may be in a business that where it’s not straightforward to provide referrals each week especially if you have a business that doesn’t naturally meet a lot of people. In web design we didn’t meet a lot of people, but we met the same people often so that can make BNI tougher than a plumbing company for example who are meeting new people every day. However, regardless, I’ve tested and seen there are ways that you can make a difference for yourself in what BNI produces for you by the application of oneself in a stronger manner.

I can sum them up by “become part of the top, get to know your top and toppers, get physical’.

Turbocharge 1. Become Part Of The Top

Run the show! Be the leader! Yes, put yourself forward to be ‘President’, and president means leading the BNI meeting. Being president will ramp up your BNI:

  • You will get to meet a lot more people, because all the visitors will be introduced to you
  • You will be respected and well thought of
  • You will be talking to members, ambassadors, subs, owners, all in one meeting so people come to know you
  • Know, like and trust will become a lot more solid – very good BNI is mainly about forging connections and being at the top means more connections
this is the t-shirt you need to try in your BNI career

I wish I’d done this earlier in my BNI career, year 7 was very late.

I was President for 6 months, and it was the best thing I ever did, after a general feeling of ‘oh my days what am I doing’. Don’t worry if you think you can’t do it because you can get through it if you persevere. And why not? I was President leader for 6 months and I’m an introvert and the worst thing I can imagine is standing in front of a group of people with all the attention fixed on me. You won’t be any worse than me. I was so bad at the start of my tenure that several people took me aside and offered to help, to organise practice sessions in private, and going through scripts. I knew it was bad, full of ‘errs’, errors and missed bits. I had felt like giving up. However, it just shows that BNI can get behind you in times of need and no-one is Schadenfreude and revelling in a downfall, they want to help. I accepted the help offered and gradually improved. After a few weeks I was feeling more at home and from month 2 actually enjoyed it. Heed my advice – put yourself forward and see what happens.

Turbocharge your BNI ass and put yourself forward next week! It will make a big difference

You will miss out if you don’t do this.

Turbocharge 2. Get to know the top and toppers

Some of the most well connected people are the ones that move around BNI groups a lot. As well as getting meetings with your fellow BNI members pay note to people that turn up occasionally. People who introduce themselves as “BNI Ambassadors”, “Franchise Director”, “Director Consultant” and “Executive Director”. Ask them for a 1-2-1! I never had any refuse, sometimes you have to wait because of their heavier BNI schedules, but don’t let that put you off they are strong contacts … connect!

get a 121 with the BNI bigwigs

Why not be a bit cheeky and ask for a 121 with all the top regional people?

Don’t ignore them, they are key people in BNI, keeping the system working properly and driving its progress is what they do.

Turbocharge your BNI ass and get connecting to the top!

You will miss out if you don’t do this.

Turbocharge 3. Get physical (oo-er)

Some of the memorable BNI’ers I’ve seen combined their presentation with physical items, for example a Quality company always brought a colourful stuffed eagle toy as mascot and that ‘prop’ was always with them. It was a talking point, and added a solid and visual association to their verbal presentation. Though not really adding much to the message it became not just a presentation but presentation+an eagle. For people who absorb stuff better visually – this will form a stronger connection than just words.

Studying the way of people reveals it is well known that different people absorb information in different ways. Some by the ear, some by the eyes, some by touch, some by your energy, and a physical addition to your BNI presentation helps to engage and better absorb your message.

I always remember the eagle, even though that person left the BNI group 5 years ago. So things like this stick!

Can you bring something physical to colour yourself in people’s minds?

Turbocharge you BNI ass and get something solid!

You will miss out if you don’t do this.

PS by doing all these things you will connect with a shed load more people and referrals will find you more, and finding your own referrals will become easier 🙂

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