BNI Education Presentation Slot – Building Business With ‘The Power of 4’

August 19, 2018
BNI the power of 4

I’ve spent some time thinking about the business benefits BNI can give you and I’ve distilled it down into 4 digestible chunks. It’s not heavy, just key points I believe where BNI excels.


  • 1. Saves you 10x of time

If you had to make appointments and drive around to all the premises of the people in this room to talk about your business …. how long would it take? A week? maybe 2 weeks?

BNI brings them altogether at one time and in one place … saving you 10x time.

  • 2. Business introductions are 10x easier

Introductions are made for you.

So you don’t need to battle with Gatekeepers, the nemesis of contacting people.

  • 3. Communicate your value 10x better.

People will come to know what you do indepth over time and 121s.

They will come to know your background and services and personal values.

They will appreciate what you do.

And they will be able to tell people about you, to people who might otherwise judge on just your price.

  • 4. Clients formed here are 10x stronger.

You can build relationships that last years because people come to know you.

We still have BNI active contacts that give us business from 7 years ago.

So the contacts we make here are much stronger than normal.

Because people come to know you, rather than have met and forgotten you


BNI forges future business through building strong connections. Be a part of it and enjoy it.



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