Are you a specialist? Can’t face all the website work, blogging, tweeting, facebooking, instagramming, linkedin-ing just to promote yourself and keep up with the competition? – The answer is right here

August 20, 2018
Are you a specialist?

You need to try … business networking.

If you just love what you do, maybe you’re a photographer and love taking photos. Maybe you’re a gas fitter and love testing and fitting gas boilers. Or maybe you’re a florist and love making floral designs .. then the online world can be daunting. Is that you? A specialist?

You may think that competing for business would be easy on the internet because you can do a lot yourself. This is mainly true. However getting the word out about your business in the internet world is going to take work, a lot of work. It is all about:

  • associating with high flyers already in your field
  • creating content to engage people out there
  • paying for ads

So called ‘content’ is what it’s about, in other words preparing and sharing interesting and useful information be it by the written word (blogging or articles) or by video.

There are a variety of platforms to put your ‘content’ on. When there is interaction possible like instagram, facebook, or twitter then any message you receive you will need to reply to quickly in order to keep the chat ‘hot’. Facebook even reports your response time and if you’ve got a long response time, e.g. a day, people won’t write to you so much.

zoned by computers?

So it’s all soaking up your time creating ‘content’ and then it’s soaking up your energy responding and engaging in conversations .. when you would really be wanting to take some more photos or design your next creation.

Paying for ads is going to empty your bank account if you try to dabble in it because it needs proper setting up, research, and constant looking after to get the best from it. This is better done by a company that has a lot of experience and insights to help reach quality potential customers.

Is all the above giving you a headache with all the work you will have to do just to compete online?

If so, there is a way to market yourself without doing all that slog … business networking.

In business networking you go to meet other business owners. You can talk about and show off your latest creations. The other business owners are there to listen to you, hear your story, ask you questions and then they will go away and talk about you to their contacts who many need your services.

Basically, they are absorbing your story, your services, and going out to pitch, leaving you to hone your craft, create your latest design, and enjoy what you do.

Using Business Networking you are connecting with real humans, as opposed to a screen and keys that will absorb your creative energy leaving you zoned.

Being in the company of other humans gives you energy because you can see and respond to their reactions. You will be able to tell and share your expertise with people  .. other people, that can be your real-life tweeters, posters, and sharers.

So if you’re a specialist and love what you do get yourself over to business networking and you’ll feel good about showcasing your business. You’ll feel great when people recommend you to other people and you’ll feel awesome when people get you business that you love doing.


Recommended ones to try:

  1. BNI – find a group near you. They’re everywhere. (a group is called a ‘chapter’ in BNI lingo, so visit a chapter when you can)
  2. 4Networking
  3. Finest
  4. Chamber of Commerce
  5. Business 4 Breakfast

I am in BNI and it’s worked well for me for many years.



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